Origin Story...

In the midst of a global pandemic, unprecedented unemployment numbers, historic uprisings against police brutality and systemic racism, and the most important election year of our country’s political history, ISURVIVEDTWENTYTWENTY™ was born.

The South Los Angeles based apparel company is the brainchild of Marcus “Don Dada” Johnson, a California bred talent booker, who like so many others, was derailed from the career he knew once the entertainment industry came to an abrupt halt due to Covid-19. Johnson decided to fill his newfound downtime tapping into his creative passions of design and music production.  As the year’s events continued to unfold, Johnson felt inclined to express what he was seeing, feeling and experiencing. ISURVIVEDTWENTYTWENTY™ is a concept brand inspired by countless individuals who found beauty in the year’s struggles and were able to Create Opportunity out of Adversity.

Each design tells a story relevant to the events of the most unforgettable year ever. It represents every individual who turned the turmoil and tragedies of TwentyTwenty into triumph and defines what it means to survive in the year’s climate despite the cards that were dealt.  

ISURVIVEDTWENTYTWENTY™ is inspiration. Getting through hard times or any obstacles in life that needs overcoming, and pushing forward no matter what. ISURVIVEDTWENTYTWENTY™ is not just a brand, it’s a defining moment in ones pursuit to greatness.